Back to reality

Well, I’m home. I got back on the 12th after a very lengthy journey. Despite the still very present jet lag (I’ve been awake since 4am) and the frying pan-to-fire scenario of yesterday (did a dashyline ‘meet the school’ event in Wolverhampton) i feel buzzing with life.

I’m very conscious that i might bore people to death about my experiences at elsewhere for a long time to come. Every conversation i have now reminds me of something there.

I think with the brief time i have had to digest my experience, but with the fresh zeal of it all, i can draw some conclusions about how it will affect my practice and my general outlook on life.

Firstly- i can do it, and feel comfortable in new situations. The people i met have become real friends of mine, something i hoped for but didn’t expect. The situations which brought this feeling so strongly to the fore were not exciting or special in any way, they were the times when we were all driving back from a bar or park, watching the scenery go by, listening to the radio and chatting. I felt so comfortable, so ‘me’ in these situations. It would seem my comfort zone is much wider than i had ever dared to test it before.

Distance- new experiences are so close! Europe, Ireland, England even! i’ve not taken advantage of my close proximity to some of the most wonderful countries, the most amazing sites in the world. I no longer fear the thought of lone travel. It is so liberating to think that i can hop over to Paris, nip over to Dublin, drive down to Cornwall whenever i fancy. Something i’m planning to do- or not planning to do, but just will do when the mood takes me.

Confidence- Not only the boldness of flying off to a new country to live with 20 people i’d never met, but to create 3D work, by myself for the first time. I will draw on this achievement with every new challenge, with every workshop, presentation, meeting and commission i get from now on.

Lifestyle- I’m much more attuned to the benefits of communal living. Its something that is now on my radar, and something which i might even seek out in the future. The mutual managing of a space, creatively and curatively is a delightful scenario. Everyone pitching in, everyone sharing the domestic burden and providing constant inspiration and support. Does this exist in England in such a coordinated fashion? I guess i’ll have to find out.

Thats all. I might add to this as time goes on but for now, here are some images to part on. Thank you for reading and keeping up with my progress. It was really important for me to know that I was sharing this experience with you. Until next time.

the failed items, wrapped in the fail factory

Leslie and I before first friday

the gang

me and the curator creator

happy memories




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