The final sunday

Well, i has been a little while since i updated this, mainly because i’ve been busy/enjoying every moment too much to tear myself away from, I’ll try to give you the low down.

On Wednesday night one of my oldest and dearest friends, now living in DC, made the 8 hour train ride down to spend a couple of days. He arrived at midnight and we went to a bar to grab some food, followed by a lengthy chat and eventual slumber in the aviary, above the library. The next day we both did a little work; i finished off my machine while he got on with writing some new material (for those who don’t know martin, he’s a comedian).  We went for a walk down near the Uni, browsed some record stores and ate some food. In the evening Martin did an interview with Jeremiah on elsewhere radio- beer fueled and listenerless, it was hilarious and we all chilled and drank in a fantastic jovial mood untill the early hours. The next morning, to everyone’s dismay, martin had the leave and we had to prepare for first friday!

First friday is something the do over here on every first friday of the month- its a night where the whole community comes out onto the streets- restaurants cook outside, galleries open up and parties ensue. Its a great idea which we should start over in the uk. Myself and Leslie donned worker womens outfits and positioned ourselves at our stations- I next to my machine and Leslie at ‘the fail factory’ on the second floor. The idea was that whenever an object failed to categorise it would be placed in a basket and hoisted up to the second floor (through the core sample hole) and wrapped in a uniform manner so that they can all take on a common identity, and so could be recategorised. Lots of people tried out the machine and lots of stuff got categorised. Most things went into the ‘happy memories’ category which is interesting because all of the object would have usually been thrown away as rubbish. Throughout the whole night Leslie only got 4 items that failed. I considered making Leslie redundant. The night went brilliantly.

the machine in situ

On Saturday i went with Erica and Hernan to a ‘Fall Festival’ to promote elsewhere at a little stand. The park was gorgeous and the sun was beating down. We took a load of clothes from the collection to play dress up with little kids and messed around with glitter. In the evening there was a wedding reception at elsewhere. Such a good idea to have a reception in this place- there are so many cool things and talking points, beats renting a cold empty space and attempting to decorate. Plus- the groom said he was much happier to give somewhere like this the money rather than feeding it into the frankly perverse wedding industry. Good on him, i say. It also meant that we got free booze and bbq which was fine by me!!!

everyone here drinks from jars- this is a jar wine glass from the wedding

Today we went to Eno River state park quarry- which is about an hours drive away from here- the water was fantastic- really clear and warm. There were tortoises basking in the sun at the edges and big fish swimming below, it was surrounded by at least a mile of forest in all directions. It was so peaceful. The closest i’ve got to experiencing perfection yet.

at the edge of the quarry before my swim

So, it’s monday tomorrow, and i leave tuesday morning. I’m so sad to be leaving this wonderful lifestyle behind. I know now though, what i’d like to replicate when i get back home plus i have all my wonderful friends and family and my exciting work to look forward to. I’ve made such wonderful memories here.


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