1 week until the opening.

Operating on a slight hangover today after sampling the gin infusions i’ve so patently waited for nigh on two weeks. One was Sage and Honey and the other was Basil and lavender. I’m really settled in here, i could almost believe that this is where i live now. Transition made. However i know there are lots of just as exciting adventures to embark upon when i get home. A week today there is an opening to showcase the work of the newest residents (inc. me) so i’m working hard to finish my piece before then. Heres where i’m at so far.The Mechanics are almost there, but theres a lot more graphic work to do.

hopefully on the night of the opening we’re going to hook up a conveyor belt to process all the categories as they are formed by the guests. I’ll have a production line of workers sorting and tuning the failed items into objects.

Time now for a museum spruce. We have guest chefs coming in tonight to cook for us. Very excited for that.




One thought on “1 week until the opening.

  1. Dad says:

    Brilliant Nic, so proud

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