Biscuits for breakfast

Last night i did an experiment to see if my bites were happening while i was in bed- i decided to sleep in the ‘castle’ in the main space. This is the castle:

underneath is the sewing area, on top is the castle

inside the castle

but despite all the pillows it was pretty uncomfortable, because it was near the ceiling it was very hot and with no light it was pretty creepy. There is also a train that runs behind the building which crosses the road, there are no barriers, the train just sounds its horn so people get out of the way. Each time i was dropping off to sleep this would wake me up. At 5am i gave up trying to sleep and went back up to my bed. At 8am i was woken to go for ‘Biscuits’ at a diner as today is two of the residents birthdays. I decided to take up the offer- mainly to see what biscuits were. Well, biscuits it would seem, are like giant buttery salty scones that you have with ‘gravy’. Now, gravy for breakfast sounds weird, but i went along with it- when it arrived the ‘gravy’ was white with black specs in it. I tasted it and it was very salty and peppery. I asked what it was made of and the best guess was “flour and pork fat”. It was like a really salty white sauce. In addition to this i was advised to get a side order of something called ‘Grits’. This was a bit like porriage, but really small porriage possibly like semolina (which i’ve never had). This was to be eaten alongside the biscuits and gravy. As you can imagine faced with all this after 3 hours sleep at most was pretty confusing. When i got back i suppressed the queeziness by having a little nap before the house meeting and a two hour clean ready for the museum opening tomorrow (its open tuesday-saturday)

I’m now about to eat lunch which is a warmed up slice of steak and mushroom pizza from the meal we had last night. There is an amazing pizza restaurant over the road called ‘The Mellow Mushroom’ which does excellent food and has all manner of speciality beers. We had a pitcher of watermelon beer- which sounds gross but it was really delicious.

So in summary, the food here is weird, but excellent in some cases.

To finish, here is a couple of photos of elsewhere delights there is so much here you discover something new every day- some of it is hidden in plain sight-

'Core sample' a project by a previous resident who took a core sample through all three floors and the roof.

my favorite part of it is the sample was cut through the board games on the shelf on the first floor

i walk past this computer desk every day but it took me ages to notice it was a stripped back piano. gorgeous.


One thought on “Biscuits for breakfast

  1. Dad says:

    Beautifully related Nic, keep ’em coming

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