Today has been somewhat disjointed, theres an event going on here this evening for teachers and there are 50 people eating an apple themed meal tonight. Heres some of the elsewhere gang preparing the apple pies last night. I believe they were up until 4.

Ted, Erica and Lucia making apple pie.

With all this and the cleaning and arranging tables there has been little time to get on with work. I’m thinking of moving my stuff up into one of the lesser used spaces, so i can get on with things uninterrupted. It would be a shame though, to miss the ebb and flow of the ground floor, and potentially miss opportunities.

I’ve redesigned my categorisation device- i’ve decided to use suspended baskets running on wires from question to question. This means there will be less carpentry involved and you get to see more of the backboard. Today i have painted in the question pannels with blackboard paint (so the questions can be changed) and begun one of the ‘friezes’ between the arrows and instructions that will guide the user around the board.

with question pannels and beginning of first frieze

detail of 1st frieze


2 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Dad says:

    That looks brilliant Nic, got your stamp all over it.

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